Walking around in Ferrara

Sharing moments of everyday life

While this wonderful afternoon is coming to the end and the sky is getting dark, I am sitting in my favorite coffee house. Recollecting all the things I have done today is easier in front of a strong american coffee. If you love american sweets I recommend you ITIT, the sandwich cafe, where you can sample muffins, donuts or special beverages with cream on top.

It was a long time I did not stop at every corner to admire the beauty of this city. I appreciated the Este Castle and the magnificent Cathedral both located in the city center. I appreciated its alleys and the medieval atmosphere. I appreciated the importance given to culture.

This UNESCO World Heritage Site hides some special places and I would like to tell you of one of them. This architecture is called Rotonda Foschini and it is located next to the Teatro Comunale, the…

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