Crabs Natural Sand Art



These are some pictures I took on Florence Bay, a desert beach on Magnetic Island, 8 kilometres offshore from the city of Townsville, Queensland, Australia.

Have you ever seen anything like this?

The first time I came across this weird sand drawings was in New South Wales, in Australia, on one of the breathtaking beaches of Jervis Bay. At first sight, it looked like a massive shells composition or tiny little stones but then I touched them.

And… it was sand! Simple, soft, empty sand bubbles that all close to each other were creating amazing shapes, almost looking like a painting! Trust me, it is something that you would call art! Unintentional art! 

How does this happen? Who is the artist? How does it make such perfect tiny little bubbles masterpieces?

Well, the expert sand sculptor we are mysteriously talking about is the Sand Bubbler Crab! They are small crabs, around 1 cm, widespread…

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