Laksa 4

The second recipe under Vegetarian Asian food is Laksa. A yummy, spicy coconut base soup served with noodles and many other toppings. You can find Laksa in Malaysian, Singaporean and Indonesian cuisine and in a lot of ways it is very similar to a Burmese khao suey.

This recipe is a for a curry based Laksa and is quick to prepare and is very delicious. Its hearty and a complete meal in itself – great for chilly winters. The key ingredient in this recipe is the laksa paste which is basically a combination of a few ingredients like chilies, garlic, galangal, onion, lemongrass and fresh turmeric in a particular ratio. I have put down the measurements for it below but feel free to experiment with it and adjust the flavor as per your liking. The style for cooking this is similar to how you would make an India curry. The…

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