Avocado on the ceiling

Dirty, Naked & Happy

Feckadeedooooodaaaaaaaaahhhh! Wiping up the avocado that I’ve just huffed out of my left nostril in shock: this blog has made it ontoBlogs of the Day on wordpress.com !!!!!

Respect to the neighbours for turning a deaf ear on the semi-suppressed whoopsick-sounding-grunt-squeal of excitement that I just let out with my face pressed up against your fence, I don’t want to worry mydaughter.

Apologiesto my darlinghusband who will have to wipe the ceiling for me as I am scared of heights.

Thanks again Gwyneth-style to all who have shared so far… come on the rest of you: there’s a slim chance that, for a very short time window, it could make you seem cool*.

And even better than all of that, I’m sat listening to the most infectious hysterics as daughter watches our daft fluffy dog spinning in circles trying to lick avocado chunks off the back of his own…

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